For years and years, people have used beets but have never really understood the importance of having it in your diet. Beets are lovely vegetables that people have incorporated in making salads. They contain so many important nutrients and minerals. These minerals are crucial to our wellbeing as far as health is concerned thus, it is important to include this vegetable in your diet. Below are the health benefits of beets.

Good for your blood pressure

Your blood pressure will improve if you make eating beets a habit. This is so because beets contain a lot of nitrates. These nitrates in the body are converted to nitric oxide. Nitric oxide has the ability to have your blood vessels dilating as well as relaxing. This translates to better circulation of blood in your system which in turn leads to improved blood pressure. Research has indicated that systolic blood pressure significantly reduces among individuals who take at least one glass of beet juice every day.

Lowers risks of getting heart disease

In addition to reducing your blood pressure, beets go a long way to ensuring the risk of you getting heart disease are minimized. This is so because they contain betaine as well as folate. A combination of these two is known to reduce homocysteine levels in your blood. If this component is found in great amounts then it really increases the possibility of having heart disease as well as arteries that have been damaged. Try taking a glass of beet juice every day to decrease the possibility of heart disease.

Enhances your stamina

This health benefit of beets is particularly helpful to athletes and sportsmen. Earlier on, we saw that beets contain nitrates. The effect of these nitrates to the body is increased stamina and endurance. You are able to increase your performance if you are an athlete. Research shows that performance levels are increased in cyclists by almost 20 percent after taking beet juice. These cyclists were able to pedal for longer amounts of time. If you are an athlete then this should come as very good news.

Good for the liver

Consumption of beet juice will ensure you have a lighter liver. This is because the work done by your liver can be reduced.  Your liver is responsible for cleaning your blood and body. Taking beets ensures that the amount of fat that accumulates in the liver is reduced through the help of an amino acid known as betaine. Take a glass of beet juice every day and enjoy these benefits.